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Have you Googled ‘luxury care home Poole’? If you’re looking for a home for a loved one in need of regular assistance or more advanced care, look no further than LuxuryCare. LuxuryCare is a group that consists of several high-quality care homes, Eagles Mount included. Here you can expect top-quality care, tailored to each resident as well as fantastic accommodation and facilities. To learn more, call Eagles Mount care home now on 01202 671111.

The Finest Luxury Care Home in Poole

Welcome to Eagles Mount, a well-established family-run care home situated in the heart of Poole. For more than 20 years, the care team here have dedicated themselves to providing superb care while leading by example. Our philosophy has always been that residents should be cared for as “they wish”, being kept content, safe and well. We’re driven by our ethos ‘where quality of care counts’ and achieve this through relationship-centred care.

Every individual is different, even those living with dementia. For that reason, here at our luxury care home, Poole residents, we tailor each care plan to the resident. We work with the resident, their family, and various medical professionals, establishing a plan that maintains the individual’s independence and dignity.

And through the provision of various facilities and first-class accommodation, we ensure our residents want for nothing while residing at our Poole luxury care home.

A Luxury Care Home Poole Families Know and Trust

Residents of Eagles Mount are each placed in their own private room. Our rooms come fully furnished, but we can move pieces if the individual would like to bring furniture with them. We encourage residents to bring along personal possessions, such as photos, ornaments, and other keepsakes. And if the resident is unhappy with the colour of the walls, our on-site decorator can certainly see about correcting this. Our luxury care home in Poole caters to residents living with dementia too.

In fact, many of our residents can sometimes get a little muddled and confused and many experience memory problems. Simply the feeling that something isn’t right can induce anxiety. For this reason, the rooms on our dementia level utilise various triggers, such as bright colours, easily recognisable visual cues, coloured bedroom doors and nameplates to aid with recognition. This makes our Poole luxury care home far easier to traverse for our residents.


As mentioned, our residents will want for nothing. We’ve provided a range of facilities, from access to chiropodists, opticians, and other medical services to catering, an on-site beautician, and chaplain and church services. We also ensure our residents always have clean clothes and bedding.


We feel it’s important that residents of our luxury care home, Poole families, should remain active and engaged. For this reason, we host an action-packed activity schedule with a rotating selection of things to partake in, from cheese and wine afternoons to skittles, bingo, puppet shows, and Eagles Mount care home bootcamp. We also schedule regular day trips such as shopping and lunch in the local area, visits to the New Forest, beach strolls, and trips to a memory café. Schedules rotate weekly, so every resident gets an opportunity to go out.

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Why Choose Our Poole Luxury Care Home?

At Eagles Mount, we established a set of core values that support the vision, shape, and culture of our company. They reinforce the identity of our luxury care home, Poole residents, and underpin our principles, beliefs, and philosophy. These values are integrated into our service, from staff recruitment to quality of care. These core values are as follows:

  • Caring – we do everything we can to maintain and improve an individual’s well-being.
  • Passionate – we are committed to delivering exceptional care standards.
  • Respectful – everyone is treated with courtesy and respect, regardless of race, sexuality, religion, gender, appearance, age, or country of origin.
  • Compassionate – we act with kindness, responding to everyone’s pain, distress, anxiety, or need.
  • Honest – this sharpens our perception, allowing us to operate with complete clarity.
  • Loyalty – to achieve positive outcomes and goals, we work closely with residents, family members, colleagues, and visitors.
  • Reliable – we consistently strive to uphold the highest care standards, meeting the expectations of all concerned parties.
  • Kind – great emphasis is placed on being considerate, helpful, and tender.
  • Open-Minded – we keep an open mind, remaining receptive to new ideas without prejudice or a bigoted mindset.
  • Nurturing – we seek to nurture and empower those who work for us, developing their ability and confidence.

On top of our core values, we ensure that each member of our luxury care home Poole team is trained to our high standards. Every staff member that joins our luxury care home in Poole completes our training programme, which involves shadowing a member of our senior team. This helps them get to know our residents and our procedures.

One final note is that we’ve received an ‘Outstanding’ rating from the Care Quality Commission. This alone should convince you that we’re the right luxury care home, Poole families.

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If you’re convinced that we’re the right luxury care home, Poole families should waste no time calling Eagles Mount today on 01202 671111.