High End Care Dorset

Are you looking for a home that provides expert care and comfort to residents who need extra help? Is your loved one living with dementia? Well, Eagles Mount is a facility that provides high end care. Dorset is where we are based and we are part of the Luxury Care group, who runs well-established care homes across the county. For more information, give us a call on 01202 099827. 

We Are More Than a Dorset Care Facility 

Here at Eagles Mount, we make sure that our residents receive the care that they need, but we do so much more. We treat every single resident at our care home in Dorset with the dignity and respect they deserve. Their care is of paramount importance, but so is their happiness and independence. That is why we go above and beyond to create a warm and welcoming home to live in. 

With views of Poole Harbour, our residents live their days in luxury and in the most beautiful surroundings. Our philosophy is to provide high end care, Dorset residents, ensuring that residents are being cared for as ‘they wish’. Below, we have outlined the types of care that we provide. 

Residential Care Homes in Poole

Dementia Care 

Dementia is a disease that destroys the electrical connections in our brains. When certain brain cells die, individuals are unable to function at the best of their abilities. At our Dorset care facility, we recognise that dementia is a progressive disease and that not all sufferers have the same symptoms. Some experience memory loss, while others struggle with speech and general understanding. 

At our care home in Dorset, we create tailored care plans that are adjusted depending on the stage of each resident. Our staff monitor any changes in mood and personality, and we work closely with GPs and mental health nurses. 

Palliative Care 

Sadly, when an individual is suffering with a serious illness, they reach a stage in which they need constant pain relief. As part of our high end care, Dorset residents at Eagles Mount are provided with palliative care. This involves increasing comfort and providing a support system to residents who are seriously ill. 

At our Dorset care facility, our palliative care does not prolong death or hasten it, we simply celebrate the final stretch of a resident’s life. We consult with doctors, nurses, social workers, family members, and many others to provide the appropriate treatment. 

Respite Care 

If you are the primary caregiver of your relative, then we offer respite care. For a short-term and temporary arrangement, we welcome residents who need an extra helping hand. Our care home in Dorset gives family members an opportunity to take a break from their caregiving duties. While we know how much love and enjoyment people take from caring for elderly relatives, it can take a toll emotionally, physically, and financially. Our respite care can help. 

Why Our Home is the Best for High End Care, Dorset Residents 

Here at Eagles Mount, we have earned a strong reputation for providing a much-needed home for residents to enjoy and receive high end care. Dorset residents that join us should know that as a facility, we all live by the same core values, which include: 

  • Caring 
  • Passionate 
  • Respectful  
  • Compassionate 
  • Honest 
  • Loyal and More 

Our nurturing and open-minded stance allows us to provide incredible high end care. Dorset residents are looked after by a team of hardworking and dedicated staff. Eagles Mount employs more than 100 fully trained staff, with each one adopting our values. 

Contact Us 

To learn more information about our high end care, Dorset residents should call us on 01202 099827. Alternatively, send an email to info@luxurycare.co.uk or fill in our online form.