Full Job Description – Senior Carer

Purpose of the Role

The purpose of this role is to support the RGN by undertaking various tasks and checks in order to ensure that high standards of care are delivered.

The list of tasks suggested is not exhaustive but the list illustrates the broad range of matters that could fall within the remit of this role. It is expected that a Senior Carer will automatically adopt any such similar tasks in liaison with the Nurse in Charge.

The role carries the authority that comes from being respected by junior staff and it is expected that the carers will carry out any tasks delegated to them.

Key Responsibilities

  • To support the Nurse in Charge by recognising tasks that may be delegated to other carers or themselves.
  • To act as a role model to all staff in the Unit.
  • To promote best practice in all aspects of the home’s care delivery; this is to include care of the environment, furniture and equipment.
  • To work with the Nurse in Charge and their Senior colleagues to promote team working on the Unit.
  • To ensure every staff member on the unit is included in the team.
  • To work constantly with new staff during their induction period.
  • To allocate tasks, sometimes on a daily basis and to ensure they are carried out properly.

Task Examples

  • Ensuring someone is responsible for giving a handover to the Activities Organiser.
  • Ensuring that gloves are used appropriately in line with directions issued by management.
  • Ensuring residents are not exposed during personal care.
  • Ensuring someone is responsible for answering the telephone after 3 rings.
  • Ensuring that residents are addressed by their preferred name only and not by any terms of endearment.
  • Ensuring that care practices cause no damage to walls, paintwork, furniture or equipment.
  • Ensuring clothing tags are removed before clothing leaves the home.
  • Ensuring carers keep rooms clean and tidy, including wardrobes and drawers.


  • To attend all management training where required and participate in the staff development programme
  • To comply with all the health and safety regulations required by this position.
  • To ensure that any defective equipment/building faults are reported promptly to your Manager.
  • To communicate with internal and external agencies, staff, residents and their families, management and peers in a manner appropriate to your position at all times.
  • To ensure that the corporate values of the company are actively promoted and followed at all times.
  • To act in accordance with your confidentiality agreement with the company at all times.
  • To follow all company policies and procedures.
  • To support a culture that promotes teamwork and discourages divisiveness at all organisational levels.

Qualifications, Training and Experience

  • Basic experience is essential for this role
  • To have a genuine interest for older people
  • To be willing to participate in National Vocational Training Programmes
  • To have good communication skills
  • To have the ability to work effectively within a team environment
  • To have Food and Hygiene training

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