About Us

Branksome Park Neuro Centre is re-establishing specialist neurological care in Poole. We offer very unique and specialist care to people that has Neurological disease, spinal injuries and with very complex Nursing needs that can only be supported by Specialised team that is Nurse lead.

Our service offers Nursing and Residential care, but we also offer rehabilitation pathway from slow stream and intensive therapy programmes in partnership with community NHS therapy team.

As a team we have the opportunity to care for adults from all walks of life and learn their stories that led to their time in our service. This is both enriching and humbling as you bear witness to these incredible journeys. Find out why you should live with us at Branksome Park in Poole.

Our Core Values


We have people’s best interests at heart. We do all that we can to maintain or improve their wellbeing.


We are passionate about delivering a high standard of care. It’s an energy that comes from within and cannot be forced.


We treat people with courtesy and politeness. We treat people the same no matter their race, sexuality, religion, gender, appearance, age, or country of origin.


We respond with humanity, understanding and kindness to each person’s pain, distress, anxiety or need.


We promote openness which, empowers us and enables us to develop consistency in how we present the facts. Honesty sharpens our perception and allows us to observe everything around us with clarity.


We work collaboratively with the people who live in the home, family members, colleagues and visitors to enable positive outcomes and achieve goals


We aim to provide consistently good care at a quality that meets that expectation for all stakeholders.


Our team place great emphasis on being considerate, helpful and tender.


As a company we are both receptive to new ideas and act in Unprejudiced, unbigoted and impartial manner.


It is our intention for those who use or work at our service to be nurtured and empowered to develop their confidence.

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Visiting Times

Families are welcome to visit any time, as long as it is in the best interest of the resident.